• One-stop service

    Careful operation: Strict quality requirements, dedicated personnel to follow the project, rigorous production monitoring, and provide customers with excellent — streamlined services


  • Professional consulting

    Customized solutions: According to the different requirements of customers, customized solutions are made. Reasonable price, excellent craftsmanship, and timely delivery are the strong backing of customers.


  • Efficient marketing

    AAA credit rating: Provide brand-new marketing concepts and brand image, join hands to build industry — stream brand, and open the road to wealth.


  • Quality Assurance

    With excellent production equipment and testing procedures, in strict accordance with production standards, the products have passed a variety of quality system certifications.


Why choose us

Multi-certified quality assurance

From raw materials, production process to
Inspection and testing methods are carried out
Strict and effective control

It can withstand temperatures below minus 40 degrees Celsius and above 270 degrees Celsius

Safety And Health

Double clamp connection
5 seconds a joint, save time and effort

Life ≥100 years, lifetime maintenance free

Smooth inner wall, no bacteria breeding, not easy to scale

Lead-free and plastic-free

After years of experience precipitation and accumulation in the stainless steel water pipe industry, Zhejiang Lufalai Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in operation, management and investment.
  • Guide the development of the industry
  • Perform corporate citizenship duties
  • Promote social harmony
  • Technological innovation

  • Scientific management

  • Forge ahead

  • Customer praise


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